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It takes you one second

It takes you one second


Great guerilla made for the World Water Day, march 22. The stickers are being stuck in washbasins at public spaces around Belgium and Mexico City, where the 2006 World Water Forum was held.

GREEN Belgium is highlighting this cause by placing stickers on washbasins in 130 public toilets in 9 Belgian towns. The sticker features an African child whose mouth is positioned at the washbasin’s overflow, so that the safe, drinkable tap water flows straight into his mouth. It also features the message: “It only takes you a second to access drinking-water, he has to walk 20km. Water is a human right. Help us give them access to drinking-water.”

Jo Van Cauwenberge: “This year’s World Water Forum is held in Mexico City, so Belgium will not be the only country to see these stickers. They will also be displayed in congress toilets and hotels in which congress participants are staying so that the message is driven home.”

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World Water Day
Duval Guillaume, Antwerp
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