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It Was Never A Dress – women’s toilet signs just got updated

It Was Never A Dress – women’s toilet signs just got updated
It Was Never A Dress

Credits: It Was Never A Dress

I’ve always found toilets pretty inspirational, but this campaign is taking it to the next level.

Activist and software developer Tania Katan and her team at Axosoft have reinvented the way we look at women’s bathroom signs, turning the dress-wearing silhouette into a cape-wearing superhero.

It Was Never A Dress challenges preconceptions about women and invites people to to “keep disrupting” in order to change the world’s perception of women.

“In science, technology, arts, mathematics, politics, houses of worship, on the streets, and in our homes, insightful women are often uninvited, overlooked, or just plain dismissed. ”

“Through storytelling, community building, innovation and creative disruptions, It Was Never a Dress will foster necessary conversations, vital voices, and images from around the world that honor ALL women. When we see women differently… we see the world differently!”

This clever campaign is part of a bigger effort by Axosoft to encourage women to enter the tech world and other sectors usually associated with men. The company funds coding events and has recently sponsored Arizona’s inaugural Girls in Tech conference.

In the following weeks, they will be inviting people to share stories, images and ideas about perceptions and realities. Follow the hashtag # to get the latest updates.

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