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“It’s just a little prick — don’t be one, get one”

“It’s just a little prick — don’t be one, get one”


Rick Mercer is a Canadian TV comedian and political wit whose signature delivery is a “Rick Rant”. Pioneered on the CBC satire This Hour Has 22 Minutes, the rant moved with Rick when he got his own spin-off show.

Ricks Rants usually address current political and social issues in Canada with absurd humour. However, this week’s is actually a public service announcement for influenza vaccination:

As someone who has created “official” flu vaccine campaigns (and had them parodied by This Hour Has 22 Minutes), I am envious of what Rick did. He said the things, and used the tone, that public health authorities can’t. Hopefully he will have some influence.

Thanks to Gord C. for the tip.

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