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It’s not the hormonal rages

It’s not the hormonal rages


In 2005 ZIJ-KANT (the Belgium progressive women’s movement) and ABVV Women (Belgium socialist trade union) launched Equal Pay Day in Belgium for the first time.

Modeled after an American idea ‘Equal Pay Day’ is a day meant to expose and criticize the wage gap between women and men.
The European Commission’s recent report (2005) on the equality of women and men shows that the wage gap in Belgium even widened between 1996 and 2003. The first Equal Pay Day took place on 31 March 2005. The choice of this date was deliberate because 31 March symbolises the fact that on average women have to work three months more to earn a man’s average annual pay.
By means of their yearly Equal Pay Day campaign ZIJ-KANT and ABVV Women want to raise the awareness among the general public, to make ‘wages’  a more acceptable subject of discussion and to instigate a policy review.

This year’s tagline: It’s not the hormonal rages. It’s the difference in wages.
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