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#ItsNeverOkay makes harassment brutally frank

#ItsNeverOkay makes harassment brutally frank

**Trigger Warning: Sexual Harassment, Bullying, Implied Rape**

In March, I wrote about the Government of Ontario’s great new anti-sexual-assault campaign, #WhoWillYouHelp. Now, they’re addressing some more subtle forms of harassment, both sexual and bullying, by having the offenders speak plainly about what they’re doing to you:

While #WhoWillYouHelp is a bystander campaign, this one puts the viewer in the victim’s shoes. The obvious intent is to raise awareness and empathy among past or potential abusers by shining a stark light on their aggressions. Even if there’s little that can be done to shame hardcore assholes out of their harmful and antisocial behaviour, at least this approach can denormalize it for everyone else.

The campaign website has information, tools and resources for victims and bystanders.

Coincidentally, at Acart we are just wrapping a similar project for the Ontario Public Service Employees Union (more on that when it’s released.) And last year, I also did some personal pro bono work with YOW! Productions (for Capital Pride Ottawa) that dealt with offenders’ harassment in a literal way. So this issue is close to my heart.

If anyone can tell me what agency created this PSA, please comment and I’ll update the post.

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