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iWatch is asking you to prevent terrorist attacks

iWatch is asking you to prevent terrorist attacks

This PSA is from iWatch, the citizen surveillance program from the Los Angeles Police Department. As said in the PSA it is a kind of neighbourhood watch for the whole city. “It is a community awareness program created to educate the public about behaviors and activities that may have a connection to terrorism.”

A neighbourhood watch program can be very useful but I agree with Jim Harper’s comment on

Asking amateurs for tips about terrorism will have many wasteful and harmful results, like racial and ethnic discrimination, angry neighbors turning each other in, and—given the rarity of terrorism—lots and lots of folks just plain getting it wrong. People with expertise—even in very limited domains—can discover suspicious circumstances in their worlds almost automatically when they find things “hinky.”

Although the iWatch program is about behaviors and activities, not individuals, it will not work that way.

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