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Join the Fight against cancer

Join the Fight against cancer

The Canadian Cancer Society, a national community-based organization of volunteers, launched a new campaign called Join the Fight.
Developed by DDB Canada, the campaign creative features emotional, unrehearsed testimonials from real “fighters” – people living with cancer, as well as from their family members and friends.

The first two video’s as shown in this post are made in a typical style of storytelling which is a sign of the time we live in now. With faster internet connections and better computers video’s become longer. These two video’s are made for online presence only. The lenght of online video is non-independent from expensive rates on television. The creative work made for the Canadian Cancer Society is one of the best examples right now.

“Every day, millions of Canadians show their fighting spirit in inspiring ways. From bravely fighting back against cancer, to funding research, or advocating for public policies that will protect the health of all Canadians, they exemplify the many ways you can fight back,” says Andrew Simon, SVP, creative director, DDB Canada, Toronto. “This spirit is captured in the campaign by using people who are actually affected by cancer; none of them are actors. The resulting testimonials are incredibly raw and real and the tone is extremely personal.”

The gripping short film entitled “Fight” (see above) is taking this creative approach a step further and onto YouTube and Facebook. “Fight” features a variety of real “fighters” (not actors) in different settings talking to cancer – as if it was a real person. The unrehearsed responses are passionate examples of how the campaign transforms the range of emotions that cancer causes into a powerful collective resolve to fight.

The French-language version of “Fight” (see below) has another group of “fighters” seated like an extended family around a large dinner table. The men, women and children gathered take turns berating an unseen, uninvited person – cancer. Together, these people share the reasons why they fight cancer and dramatically reveal their determination never to give up the battle against it.
Both versions of “Fight” end with the call to action: “Every three minutes another Canadian is faced with fighting Cancer. Join the fight.”

Radar DDB, the social media marketing division of DDB Canada, will be using “Fight” to draw attention to the “Join the Fight” movement in various social media forums. Additionally, “Fight” was previewed as a trailer at the popular Vancouver International Film Festival.

The print and radio elements of the campaign also use the same unusual and impactful technique of talking to cancer or personifying it to deliver the message and direct people back to

Two 30-second TV PSAs are also hitting the airwaves. Entitled “Nurse” and “Scars” they take a slightly different approach, again using real cancer survivors to tell the story. In “Nurse,” a man’s hands are being bandaged in a hospital room. The fit, grim patient has the appearance of a boxer and he stoically taps his fists together like a boxer would before a match. The other PSA, “Scars,” has an unscripted group of cancer survivors at a coffee shop talking and comparing their scars to help show that more people are surviving cancer than ever before. Both ads deliver cancer statistics and call on Canadians to join the fight by visiting the campaign website.

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Canadian Cancer Society
DDB Canada
Additional credits:
“Fight” / “Scars”
Creative Director: Andrew Simon
Associate Creative Director: Todd Mackie, Shane Ogilvie
Agency producer: Marie-Pierre Toure
Business Unit Director: Jennifer Journeaux
Account Supervisor: Jennifer Patterson
Production House: Industry Films
Director: Jeff Labbe
DP: Glen Keenen
Producer: Gail Goldsack
Editing House:Bijou
Editor: Ross Birchall
Music House: Pirate
Radio and Television Music director: Chris Tate
Music Director: Stephanie Pigott
Music producer: Joanne Uyeyama

Managing Director: Andrew McCartney
Creative Director: Dre Labre
Digital Strategist: Nicole Milette
Producer: Damian Nimeck
Art Director: Missy Kelley
Copywriter: Leilah Ambrose
Designer: Nick Boos

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