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Just a cup of coffee and a walk

Just a cup of coffee and a walk

Solving the problem of homelessness takes a while. Why do not we start with just a cup of coffee? Or tea of course. Or a hot meal. It is just that simple.

This idea comes from Ritzo ten Cate from the Dutch city of Groningen, not from a registered ngo. He started with a blogpost last year (in Dutch) and a Facebook Page, just that. Koen de Koning made the video below to make it something more like a campaign.

Ritzo ten Cate:

The goal: contact; no more, no less. And whatever it is, it is not a project. Because a project is finite and the word project is also technocrats vocabulary.

Despite the nice idea it didn’t lead to an increase in the number of cups of coffee consumed with a homeless person. For this reason, the promoters came up with the idea of city walks together with homeless people. Which have been successful, perhaps due to the fact that they know the streets very well.

In London there is similar city walk initiative with the name Unseen London.

In Barcelona it’s called Barrio Gótico:

Instead of a cup of coffee or a city walk you could donate a haircut. And this may also be done outside of the Christmas season.

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