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Just because I like these alcohol abuse ads doesn’t mean they will work

Just because I like these alcohol abuse ads doesn’t mean they will work


They’re funny, they’re factual, and they’re well-executed. But will they make a difference?

This series of ads by Australia’s Cringe the Binge (an outreach of Byron Youth Service) wants young Australians to just drink a little less to stay healthy and safe. It’s also supported by the National Alliance for Action on Alcohol, a lobby group pushing for more regulation of Australia’s drinking problems.

I’m just not sure that making light of the consequences is really such a great idea. After all, the whole problem with the younger audience is that random sexual encounters, fights and dumb behaviour are often seen as part of the alcohol-soaked coming of age ritual. These posters are trying so hard to be cool, I’d worry that they’d become dorm room favourites just for the irony.

I’ll bet they were fun to create, though.

See the rest of the campaign after the break.




Cringe the Binge
Decoder, Australia
Additional credits:
Art Directors: Chris Dixon, Julia Cavallaro, Eli Samuelu
Creative Director / Art Director: Ken Roney
Senior Copywriter: Darren Masters
Junior Art Director: Sarah Cox
Strategist: James McDonald
Production Manager: Stuart Thompson
Account manager: Eleanor Price
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