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Just hear those po-lice jingling…

Just hear those po-lice jingling…

To help citizens prevent holiday car break-ins, the police department of Victoria, Texas, took a rather unorthodox approach. Officer Chris Guerra and several other members of the Victoria PD dressed up and performed a car security PSA jingle while some of their colleagues acted out a “smash and grab”. The result is either amusing or painful, depending on your sense of irony:

But regardless of whether you like this parody version of “Sleigh Ride” or not, the approach worked. Costlng just $2000 to produce, the ad is credited (in conjunction with increased police attention) with helping reduce vehicle burglaries from 129 in December 2009 to only 62 this year.

Officer Guerra was apparently the creative director behind the commercial as well. He says his intention was to “ruin” a beloved Christmas song for a good cause:

“I don’t want people to be able to remember what the actual lyrics are to this song. Hopefully that jingle would pop into peoples’ heads, and they’d say, ‘oh yeah, I need to lock up.’”


To complete the image of a 1950s Italian-American crooner, he donned a pompador wig and satin jacket.

Not a great PSA, but a good example of how the power to create social change through communication has been democratized.

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