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Just Two Minutes

Just Two Minutes

This great mini-film for Quebec’s MEMO (Moelle épinière et motricité Québec) is actually closer to the four-minute mark,  but well worth a watch. It shows, in painful real time, the inconvenience and hazard caused by a selfish and thoughless able-bodied couple who illegally park in a handicapped spot “just for two minutes” as they pick up some building supplies from Home Depot.

(Canadian viewers will get a kick — and perhaps a craving — out of the cameo by a Harvey’s hamburger joint.)

A nice piece of mini-film, and a great step in the evolution of PSAs from 30-second interruptions on television to on-demand “advertainment” videos that are worthy of being passed around.

As straightforward as this video is (I could follow it, even with my pathetic high school French), it has really got me thinking about the future of PSAs. For that reason, I was inspired to cross post with my personal social issues marketing blog, Work That Matters. You can read the rest there.

MEMO (Moelle épinière et motricité Québec)
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