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Knitting is the new sex without a condom

Knitting is the new sex without a condom

AIDES: No condom, no sex, just knitting

AIDES, the well known French organisation, is doing remarkable Aids awareness campaigns for many years. Mostly they target specific groups like the gay community and youth. With their new campaign which is launched today they speak to all sexual active.
No condom? You better go knit.

The new campaign includes four films with accompanying print. They are named ‘Pea’, ‘Knitting’, ‘Pearls’ and ‘Puzzle’, evocative names that reveal what the long winter nights can look like….without a condom.

Additional credits:
Advertisers Handlers: Christian Andreo, Antoine Henry, Charmaine Da Costa Soares
Account Handlers: Anne Vincent, Véronique Fourniotakis, Marion Floch, Teddy Notari
Creative Director: Jean-François Goize
Art Director: Marianne Fonferrier
Copywriter: Antoine Colin
Head of TV: Maxime Boiron
Buyer: Julie Champin
Production: \ELSE
Agency Producers: Jennifer Bauche, Cathy Pericone
Directors / Photographers: Aurélien Chauvaud, Ilan Rosenblatt
Media: Pierre Draber
Production: \ELSE
Sound Director: Fabrice Pouvreau
Credits: Title: Almost Naked – Composers: Graciano Gracy, Ireland Paje, Piot Riz

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