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Know them before you judge them

Know them before you judge them

Hard to understand this PSA if you don’t speak Romanian. It is about discrimination against gypsy minority from Romania. One of the things is that children are not allowed to play or to be friends with gypsy kids.
The PSA shows two kids playing together and sharing things on the playground. At home one of the mothers asks with whom her son was playing, he said ‘No one’.

Copy: “Discriminarea romilor se învaţă acasă. Cunoaşte-i înainte să-i judeci”.
Discrimination (of Gypsies) is learned at home. Know them before you judge them.
This campaign is from Stop Prejudecăţilor despre Etnia Romă – S.P.E.R. (English: H.O.P.E.), a project sustained by the European Union and the Romanian government.
The campaign is communicated tese months as a tv-spot, radio spot, magazine ad, outdoor ad and a website.


S.P.E.R. – Stop Prejudecăţilor despre Etnia Romă
Additional credits:
Director: Catalin Mitulescu

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