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Kristin signs up for the lactivist cause

Kristin signs up for the lactivist cause

Dirty Signs with Kristin: Kristin signs up for the lactivist cause

It’s difficult not to develop an internet crush on Kristin Henson. The pixie-ish 26-year-old from Philadelphia has made a name for herself on social media with her YouTube series, “Dirty Signs With Kristin”. In each episode, Ms. Henson teaches viewers a new obscene phrase or term — from “hey, you’re an asshole” to “twat waffle”.

The approach has proven popular online, even though the amateur quality of her signs and the crude content have made Ms. Henson some enemies in the deaf community.

This week’s “dirty” sign, however, is not dirty at all. It’s a PSA answering a special request from the Facebook advocacy group, “I hate it when people act like breastfeeding is obscene, GET OVER IT!”:

It’s nice to see a young person with internet influence volunteer her time for a good cause. (She also did a “Feel Your Boobies” one in October.) I wonder how long it will be before FCKH8 gives her a call?

Dirty Signs with Kristin

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