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Kyrgyz women unbind themselves from domestic violence

Kyrgyz women unbind themselves from domestic violence

“Equal rights – joint success” is the first women’s rights campaign from Kyrgyzstan. It was created for the Open Line Public Foundation with a group of young media professionals from the country located in Central Asia.  The Russian Laboratory for Social Advertising had the supervision in a 6-day-long creative workshop with both theoretical and practical exercises.

The campaign has three main subjects: women’s rights, domestic violence and bride kidnapping. These three topics are quite related which is clearly visible in the interactive video series.
The video serie is made with Youtube annotations. It is about a family conflict and the viewer have a chance to select the men’s or women’s perspective. 10 videos with 5 final solutions shows how it is possible to solve the conflict in family without domestic violence. If the viewer choose the wrong option – he or she has always a chance start over and choose another option.

(press the subtitles button for the English annotation)

It is interesting to see a campaign from Kyrgyzstan. The video’s and the print ads below gives a good insight into the country. On the other hand the subject of domestic violence seems to be more universal in outline. It is about making choices for both men and women.

The campaign trailer:

The scarf in the print ads refers to the tradition of marital status. It’s what women wear when they are married. In this campaign it is used as a metaphor for forced marriages, bride kidnapping and violence.

Creative director Georgy Molodtsov

If something happens to the women during marriage, physical or psychological violence, she couldn’t tell it to anyone because of the pressure from the family, fear of shame and lack of knowledge about possible protection. Thus she becomes hostage of domestic violence.

Equal Rights Joint Success Kyrgyzstan

Equal Rights Joint Success Kyrgyzstan

Equal Rights Joint Success Kyrgyzstan

The campaign is made with the support of Open Society Foundation, UNDP in Kyrgyzstan, Laboratory for Social Advertising and Public broadcasting channel of Kyrgyzstan (OTRK).

Video is directed and shot by Shamir Rayapov, produced by Jazzgul Ibraimova and Kanykei Orozoeva.
Edited and integrated by creative director Georgy Molodtsov.

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