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La mujer no es un objeto

La mujer no es un objeto



This campaign from the Oficina gubernamental Inmujeres (Mexico’s National Women’s Institute) passed many websites but not with the campaign ads and video.
Finally they are online.

The campaign – which also includes billboards and radio ads – shows the wide-mouthed sex dolls dressed as secretaries, sitting at desks or photocopiers as men leer at them or try to grope them.
“No woman should be treated like an object,” a sombre-voiced narrator says in the background.
“Sexual harassment is not just demeaning, it’s a crime.”
Launched on International Women’s Day, the campaign will run through mid-April, said Patricia Espinosa, head of the institute.

The campaign caused many controversy because it portrayed the mental image of women that the rapist and the abuser has.
While I’m making this post, Brief Blog also post about this campaign. He is quoting a Mexican newspaper where is written that this campaign spreads a confused message. Woman are not an object but on the other way a pornographic object is used.

Agency Olabuenaga Chemistri
Thanks to Nash and Noah for helping

Text in the tv-spot
Ninguna mujer debe ser tratada como un objeto. El acoso sexual es denigrante y es un delito.
No woman must be treated as an object. Sexual harassment is degrading and its a felony.

(Watch the tv-spot in wmv format here)

Text in the radio-spot
“Estoy aqui en la carcel porque me robe un coche”
“Soy Chucho y estoy aqui por homicidio”
“Soy el Licenciado Gomez y estoy en la carcel por acoso sexual, me gustaba mi asistente..”
La ley es clara, el acoso sexual es un delito, llama al (tel.). Instituto Nacional de las Mujeres, todo un sexenio defendiendo a las mujeres.

“I m in jail because I stole a car”
“Im Chucho and Im here for homicide”
“Im Mr. (with a degree) Gomez and Im in jail for sexual harassment, I liked my assistant..”
The law is clear, sexual harassment is a felony, call ( National Institute of Women, six years defending women.

(Listen to the radio-spot)

Nash from Mexico who helped me with translating the ads writes:
The funny thing is that about the time the campaign was launched, a coming mexican movie called “Sex, love and other perversions” ads were luanched too, and this ones have the dolls too, so they look alike.”

Movieposter from Sex, love and other perversions:


Oficina gubernamental Inmujeres

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