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La Poule au Pot

La Poule au Pot


This is the new campaign from GAIA, the Belgium animal rights organization. GAIA stands for Global Action in the Interest of Animals.
The campaign is a call to all supermarkets and manufacturers. The organization wants them not to use eggs from battery hens in the production of sauces, biscuits, pasta, ice cream etc.
Tagline: “Are you sure you do not eat eggs from battery hens?”
(”Êtes-vous certain de ne pas manger d’œufs de batterie?”

The campaign contains two items, a print part and an online part. In both a visual is used to express how small a battery cage is.
A jar of mayonnaise filled with a chicken is used on the posters and magazine ad.
More surprising is the campaign website. It’s your screen which is just as large as a battery cage.


This is the Flemish version of the print ad:
“Bent u zeker dat u geen eieren van batterijkippen eet?”


‘The animal in a jar’ is done before like this ad from 2006 made for Proefdiervrij (Dutch Association against Animal Testing).
More about this campaign here.


This is very famous campaign from GAIA, it’s from 2005 (blogpost in Dutch):


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Additional credits:
CD: Jean-Marc Wachsmann,Tim Driesen
Account Director: An Van den Cruyce
Account: Marlies Neudt
Copy: Bieke Favoreel, Benoît Menetret, Pieter Claeys
AD: Luc Shih
Media: Davy Caluwaerts
PR: Liesbeth Pyck, Anne-Cécile Collignon
Photographer: Operation Panda

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