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Le bonbon miracle

Le bonbon miracle


This is gonna be one of my favorites this year I think. These print and outdoor ads are from Douleurs sans Frontières, the French organisation Pain without Borders.

From the Douleurs sans Frontières website: To fight against the pain of all the patients, including most underprivileged of our planet, whatever the reasons for their misfortune, that’s the mission of Douleurs sans Frontières, raised in 1995 by Doctor Alain Serrie. The majority of NGO’s fight against the war and poverty. This is why Douleurs sans Frontières was committed making become aware with all that the pain which is a true plague to fight.

From the BDDP & Fils website: In a naive illustrative style borrowed from the African signs, “Le Bisou Magique” (the magic kiss) and “Le Bonbon Miracle” (the candy miracle), depict us scenes of childish belief, in which a candy or simple kiss would be the magic remedies for the unbearable pain of a burn or an amputation. But behind the innocent appearance of these visual a cruel report hides: “In certain countries, it is necessary to learn how to live with the pain”.

Miel from Coolz0r translated the last three handwriten ads (thanks Miel).

Ad 3: L’amputation (the amputation)
It always starts the same
first a gentle caress on the edge of the ears
followed by the feeling that your heart is bounching in your feet.
The unpleasant feeling then transforms
and the pain morphes into irritation
all over the skull
during a couple minutes the pain returns
all over your shinbone and knee
It feels like a vice
you’re leg hurts incredibly
You don’t wish for anything else than to embrace your leg
but you can’t, because you’ve lost your leg over two months ago.
It was torn off by a mine.

Ad 4: Les brûlures (burns)
Place you hand above a lighter.
Twinge and read the text mentioned below.
You are 8 years old, you live at the Namibian borders.
Your village has been attacked with napalm, and in the heat of the fighting
between the government troops and the guerrilla forces you suffer
from serious burns all over your body.
Your bandage must be replaced daily but because of a lack of resources
the hospital staff decided you can still use the same bandage again for a bit longer
rather than look after the wound again.
Your wounds inflame. The pain raises.
Because of the intense pain they do not dare to replace the bandage, therefore everything infects even more.
The pain raises.
You can extinguish the lighter now.
You have spent 1 minute like an Angolan child.

Ad 5: L’opération (operation)
First they take you to a room with moistured, wet walls.
They lay you on an iron bed.
Next they cuff your hands with copper handcuffs.
The first one holds you so you can’t move.
The second one cuts with a knife in the belly with a knife so blunt that it couldn’t cut paper.
He starts to rumble inside you.
At that moment you’re ready confess just about anything.
But there’s nothing to confess.
They’re only trying to operate your appendicitis.





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