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Learn to code to escape homelessness

Learn to code to escape homelessness

Covenant House: Learn to code to escape homelessness

Canada’s largest homeless youth agency Covenant House was in need of a poster to let youth know about a free course they could take to learn to code. The idea was to relate to their situation and present a way out using the very language of coding. Social marketer Deborah Caprara wants to breaks through the usual workshop flyers and job notices up on the walls of Covenant House and made this design.

Deborah: “It is important to learn a skill that will lead to getting off the streets and out of the hopelessness, and into a sustainable career and a brighter future.”

The pilot program is an initiative of Global Knowledge Canada and other corporate partners for Covenant House.

Additional credits:
Creative Directors: Deborah Caprara, Suzanne Pope
Art Director: Deborah Caprara
Copywriter: Suzanne Pope
Photographer: Jeffrey Chan

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