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Less Meat, Less Heat

Less Meat, Less Heat

The production of meat for consumption has a major impact on the world, our environment and our health. Animal agriculture is the second biggest sector for production of greenhouse gasses. It’s not a new claim but charity WildAid tells it again in this moving infographic.

If our diets don’t change out planet will change.

A new element what the makers have picked now are the guidelines about meat consumption being published by the Chinese government. It is part of the 5 To Do Today campaign initiated in China to influence attitudes, motivate behavioral change and create collective support for climate action. The campaign asks all of us to take five simple actions every day to reduce energy use and consumption. The current focus is on transportation and food choices. Like eating less meat.

To encourage Chinese citizens to respond to the campaign, the Chinese Nutrition Society (CNS) and WildAid have enlisted celebrities such as actor and former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, American film director James Cameron, and Chinese actress and singer Li Bingbing to spread the word through public service commercials and other advertisements.

Film director James Cameron:

China’s move to cut meat consumption in half would not only have a huge impact on public health, it is also a massive leadership step towards drastically reducing carbon emissions and reaching the goals set out in the Paris Agreement. Livestock emits more than all transportation combined. Reducing demand for animal-based foods is essential if we are to limit global warming to two degrees Celsius as agreed at COP21.

James Cameron & Arnold Schwarzenegger explain in this behind the scenes video about the campaign and their motivation for contributing in Less Meat, Less Heat.

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