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Lessons learned at the Scouts last the longest

Lessons learned at the Scouts last the longest

This is probably the best Scouting ad from 2015. The video comes from South Africa and is about the fact that Scouting is more than making campfire and do a treasure hunt. It’s about learning a range of skills that makes a child stronger, and which also has a positive impact on the community.

The most surprising thing in the video is the transition at 0:46. Not only because it portrays the title of the campaign in a few seconds, but mostly because of the emphatic expression of the savior.

‘Learn It Young. Remember It Forever.’ is title given to this campaign from Scouts South Africa. And they give it the hashtag #BePrepared. Because 12 million South Africans live in extreme poverty. Scouting empowers children to #BePrepared and gives them the tools to overcome real challenges.

Via Adweek

Agency: Not Norm, Cape Town
Executive Creative Director: Gavin Whitfield
Production: Velocity Cape Town
Director: Gregg Bailey
Producer: Kathleen Browne
Executive Producers: Karen Kloppers and Helena Woodfine
DP: Jamie Ramsay
Postproduction: Deliverance
Editor: Anthony Martin
Music/Sound: The Workroom

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