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Let’s talk about …

Let’s talk about …







Question: “My daughter told me that she and her boyfriend have decided that they are ready to have sex.  She asked me if I would make a doctor’s appointment so that she can get birth control pills.  We had a long talk about all that will change with this new decision, but she feels sure this is what they want to do.  I am happy that she feels that she can come to me, but I am scared to death about following through.  I told her this morning that if I take her, I want her boyfriend to go also.  I told her that I think he needs to be part of the process.  I was wondering if you have any pre-sex talks that you give teen couples before they take this big leap?  Thanks.”

This could be one of the questions from parents with kids growing up into adults. For them there is now Real Life, Real Talk.
Its aim is to positively change the social climate in communities by creating more open, honest, and balanced talk about sex and health. A more positive social climate will, over time, help to ensure that people — particularly young people — have adequate information and services to enable them to make healthy sexual choices. As examples from social movements show, getting people to talk openly and publicly about an issue — particularly a sensitive or stigmatized issue — is a critical step in making social change happen. Once people believe they are allowed to talk honestly about sex, and once they question the consequences of silence, we believe a cascade of positive behavior change in sexual health will follow according to the people behind Real Life, Real Talk.

Agency Marketing for Change is responsible for the campaign. Above some outdoor examples and below three video’s. More material like magazine ads are involved in this campaign.
Sex is all around us, so shouldn’t we be more honest about its realities? That’s the underlying point of the new campaign in Portland, ME, and other cities. The goal of the first two spots: Attracting parents to a 90-minute crash course on teen romance and relationships. Goal of the thirth spot: demonstrating the honesty of the campaign.
Partners in the campaign include local hospitals, churches and Planned Parenthood.

Real Life, Real Talk
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