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Let’s trash the beach

Let’s trash the beach

Don’t know if love or hate this sarcastic feelgood PSA. Wonder how the Californian beaches would look like if they broadcasted this PSA in the 60s.
Ad is from Keep California Beautiful (KCB). They want the most beautiful and cleanest state in the USA.
Each year KCB mobilizes tens of thousands of volunteers in conducting cleanup, recycling and beautification projects across the state. KCB provides resources, education tools, and campaign materials designed to support local municipalities and non-profit partners in implementing litter prevention strategies, volunteer recruitment and training, community outreach, and information sharing.

“Being on the West Coast I know firsthand the terrible state of the ocean and beaches here,” noted director Geordie Stephens from Tool. “Rather than showing the stark reality like a nature channel documentary, we felt it would be more powerful to expose the conditions by painting an ironic tale. By taking a tongue-in-cheek approach emulating 1960s beach movies, the spot’s lyrics leave the viewer feeling inane if they’ve ever “trashed the beach.”

Keep California Beautiful
Additional credits:
ECD(s): Jim Lesser, Jon Soto
CD/AD: Roz Romney
CD/Copy: Neil Levy
Prod Company: Tool of North America
Director: Geordie Stephens
DP: Ross Richardson
EP(s): Brian Latt, Jennifer Siegel
Line Producer: Jeff Tanner
Production Designer: Peter Benson

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