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Life Before Death: Your death-venture will begin shortly

Life Before Death: Your death-venture will begin shortly

A very unusual but surprisingly good campaign about death and dying named Life Before Death. The campaign is from the Lien Foundation, a Singapore philanthropic house that advocates better care for the dying. It started Asia’s first centre for research and training in palliative care.
Life Before Death was conceived to get people thinking and talking about a universally taboo subject —death & dying—and to highlight the urgent need for improved care for the dying.

Death is being re-branded with a new image and attitude.
All this to try and change your mind about this whole Death & Dying thing.
We’re not, of course, suggesting you hasten the process along in any way – let’s be clear about that.
Instead we’re talking about making every bit of your Life Before Death more meaningful to you and the people you hang around with.
Whatever way you choose to journey the years, months, weeks or days before the End, we’re here to open up a world of possibilities for you.



The main part of the campaign is the Life Before Death website full of interactivity:
– What is your last playlist? What is the soundtrack of your life?
– Say it. Say something to those you care before it’s too late.
– Bucket list. Create your ultimate to do list.
– Legacy gallery. A thought-provoking collection of images of Life Before Death
– The last word. What are your last words?
– The Quality Of Death index. The index measures the current environment for end-of-life care services across 40 countries.

The campaign contains also a Facebook Page Befriend Death on Facebook.


Third part is Happy Coffins, a coffin design competition. Winning entries stand a change to win $10,000 in prizes and go on to the international stage through online activities and installations. Contest ends 3rd September 2010.

One of the entries, made by boykegusti:


Lien Foundation
XM Asia Pacific, Singapore
Additional credits:
Executive Creative Director: David Brown
Senior Art Directors: Danny Lim, Cheng ShuYau
Interactive Designer: Joel Chua
Copywriters: Calista Teo, Remesh Panicker
Flash Programmers: Edalene Tay, Leon Ng, Chris Luo, Ong Hon Tat
Technical Developers: Chai Chok Fern, Lydia Tay
Voiceover Talent: Remesh Panicker
Production Manager: Candice Chong
Account Director: Gerard Lim

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