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Light into darkness

Light into darkness

The story: A blind savior
The TV commercial shows a young boy who is teased into a dark passage of bigger boys. The boys take his cap off and throw it like a ball to each other. The little boy try to get his cap back – in vain. As appears, another boy. He is blind. “Can I help?” he asks in a quiet voice.
The wild boys laugh at him. And – schwubs – his cap is tossed on. Suddenly, the unbelievable happens: The blind boy catches the cap with his white cane. All fall silent. The cape returns to its rightful owner. Unmolested the little boy and his great savior now leave the dark tunnel.

Austria’s largest fundraiser Licht ins Dunkel (Light into Darkness) starts traditionally for the Christmas season with a new TV ad and a poster campaign.
The campaign is also traditionally made by the Agency Demner, Merlicek & Bergmann, Vienna.

Every person, whether disabled or not, sometimes requires help – this is the message of the 38th General Spots Campaign “Licht ins Dunkel”.
And so one experiences an unusual role reversal, which a blind boy helps a little boy out of necessity, and trying to get by without pity clichés.

In addition to the donations application, follows “Licht ins Dunkel” (Light into Darkness) another goal: the integration and recognition of disabled people. Also there is to see on the new poster: Shown is a designed from light hand that reaches for a real child’s hand. A metaphorical implementation of the core idea of “light into darkness.”


Verein “Licht ins Dunkel” / ORF
Demner, Merlicek & Bergmann, Vienna

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