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Little brother is watching

Little brother is watching


This billboard in Boston, U.S., has come under fire because of the political subject according to Adrants.
On the billboard you see the eyes of George W. and the url which points to a site about the Bush administration’s domestic wiretapping program.
The Massachusetts state Outdoor Advertising Board officials sent the owner of the board, John Rosenthal, a letter stating, “You are directed to remove this billboard forthwith.”

Rosenthal: “I’m being scrutinized for encouraging free speech and democracy” because several state officials are now asking the OAB about the legality this waivered billboard – a board that’s had grandfathered approval for the past 11 years. is a site about the Bush administration’s domestic wiretapping program.
John Rosenthal ask on the Littlebrotheriswatching blog where you stand on this controversy. Anyone who e-mail’s their opinion (for or against) will be posted to his site.

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