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Little men make huge differences

Little men make huge differences

Every year the Belgian charity called Vredeseilanden (Peace Islands) sells ‘little men’ keyrings in the shape of their logo. These “little people” are a popular way for them to raise funds and for people to support their work with Third World farmers.
In the third week of January 12.000 volunteers sold over 100.000 little men keyrings. This year the focus is on Nicaragua. Vredeseilanden is helping small farmers selling their products.

Also part of the campaign was a guerilla marketing action in front of the Belgium stock exchange in Brussels. Vegetables and fruit where sold for exorbitant high prices. The Nicaraguan people spend 80% of their income to food.
Vredeseilanden main target is enabling farmers to get an income through sustainable agriculture.

(thanks Vosb)


Print ad:
“Kleine mannekes maken een groot verschil”
“Little men make huge differences”


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