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Live fat, die young

Live fat, die young


Two ads from Stiftung Kindergesundheit, a German child health organisation.
The first ad says: Eath healthy. 4.5 million children in Germany are obese or overweight. The ad is made by Serviceplan Hamburg, Germany.

The second ad is part of the Powerkids campaign, the targetgroup for this campaign are the kids themselves. Powerkids is a training programme for overweight children. Over a period of 3 months, it trains and encourages healthy behavior in a playful manner, with the aim to counteract overweight in school age children. It consists of various games specifically manufactured with attractive materials (video tape, worksheets, poster, stickers, lucky packets) with an emphasis on nutrition and physical activity. PowerKids was developed by paediatricians, psychologists, sport-physicians and nutritionist of the Universities of Göttingen, Luton (UK) and Munich. Agency unknown.


Stiftung Kindergesundheit

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