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London’s Bees are in Trouble

London’s Bees are in Trouble

It is a known problem, the declining bee population. We wrote about the Häagen Dazs viral in 2008, and in 2010 about the world’s first live Bee-Board.

Now award-winning creative team LIDA, part of M&C Saatchi, have redesigned original artwork by cult artist Magnus Muhr to highlight the plight of London’s bees. (Magnus Muhr is known for his images of dead flies)
The campaign images use dead bees and simple illustrative techniques to convey the situation of London’s bee population.

The visuals are used for billboards appearing across the London Underground network from Friday June 17, 3 humorous video clips and postcards.

LIDA made this campaign pro-bono for Capital Bee, a Capital Growth campaign for community beekeeping in London.
The heart of Capital Bee is its seven training sites across the capital, offering 75 new beekeepers one year’s training from some of London’s most experienced beekeepers. These communities will then receive a hive and bees in 2012.

There are a few things most of us can do, not only the people in London. It is a worldwide problem:
– Grow more food
– Plant bee-friendly plants
– Buy bee-friendly food
– A pesticide-free garden








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