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Love Does Not Exclude

Love Does Not Exclude


This is the first Polish campaign about civil partnership law: Love Doesn’t Exclude (Miłość nie wyklucza).
In Warsaw and Lodz (the biggest cities in Poland) they started with billboards. The first part of the campaign started with the billboard showing photos of children. Copy:
Those children they will not have equal rights.

On November 15 they changed the billboard showing the same children who are now adults. Copy:
We demand a civil partnership law.

The aim of the campaign is to draw attention to the fact that Poland has no civil partnerships law, and Polish legislation provides no regulations for same-sex couples.

Poland is the biggest European Union Member State in which same-sex couples are invisible for the law. The law ensures no legal protection to them, does not regulate their situation, takes in fact no account of their existence.

 Poland is also one of the very few European countries where the authorities have not taken up any measures whatsoever in this area. One of the aims of the campaign is to show that legal frameworks for same-sex relationships are a European civilisational standard and that social evolution in this area has not bypassed Poland. The law, however, does not follow the reality in this respect, and the authorities refrain from any dialogue with the society at large and with our interest group.
“Love Does Not Exclude” is therefore an expression of this social need – the voice of those who are invisible to the law and ignored by politicians.




Another aim of the campaign is to show that a social action can be carried out without official grants or European funding. The background of the activities consists of voluntary work and donations from sponsors, both companies and private persons.

The organisation want to show that even the tiniest gestures count and that the fight for civil partnerships can be fought in all scales, large and small. The “Love Does Not Exclude” campaign, consisting of four elements (social networking on Facebook and Twitter, billboards, webpage, public event), is founded on its recipients – ordinary people who care for changing the Polish reality.

The campaign will be continued in smaller cities and towns in Poland. The locations are being selected by Internet users, and campaign organisers tailor the advertising presentation to each one. Unfortunately already in the first location, the town of Inowroclaw in the Kujawsko-Pomorskie region, the organisation have encountered obstacles. The owner of advertising media in buses refused to sell the advertising space for the campaign, explaining: Our company will never consent to publish any controversial posters.

In larger Polish cities tolerance and understanding for LGBT rights are rather widespread, and political correctness seems well grounded; in smaller cities and towns, however, LGBT persons often face homophobia.
Poland has 16 administrative regions and in 16 months the organisation plan to visit one town in each of them.

The campaign video:




Miłość nie wyklucza

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