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Love Issue #6: Passion

Love Issue #6: Passion


After another while I realized the need to bringing all these passions together in my life simultaneously and take them in order slowly and enjoy their every bit of them. Discover, communicate, smile, think – all these verbs of human nature are very important. This is how LOVE ISSUE #6 started, with a sum of passions and relationships joined together, from collections to friends, from friends to lovers and, in some case, from lovers to objects.

Here’s the new Love Issue! We are media partner from the great online magazine made by Constantin Nimigean. And again I’m impressed.
#6 is 132 pages of visual passion. Want that is what this new issue is about: Passion.

Passion is what we fully understand at Osocio. For me it started almost 40 years ago with collecting election posters. The revelation that you can convey a message with a picture and a few words.
I was thinking about that when reading about La cabane aux images (see page 34 in Love Issue). A great story about Laurent Jouault:

‘La cabane aux images’ is a proof. For me, photographing is the synonym of meeting. I couldn’t have left far from my roots without this project. I have a real need of sharing my passion (just like you, Constantin). I don’t see myself as a great photographer, but as a lover, a lover of image. More than the technique or the photo itself, it’s the story behind each image that fascinates me.

Enjoy this new Love Issue made with passion. See it after the break.

Founder of Osocio. It all started with collecting election posters in 1973. And that's never stopped. Read more.