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The Power of Photography: Love Issue – Distance

The Power of Photography: Love Issue – Distance


I’m doing Osocio for 6 years now and I have seen a lot of creative work in our niche. The thing which intrigue me the most is the power of visual communication. Especially a message in one single image. It seems easy to make. It isn’t.
On my daily stroll on the internet searching for new material to post I met Constantin Nimigean from Romania. He runs a great inspiration blog Oitzarisme, full of new photography.

This year he started with Love Issue. It is his online magazine about the same things he is blogging about.
A few days ago he launched the fifth edition and I’m proud to announce that Osocio become media partner.

This edition of Love Issue is called ‘Distance’. Click to enlarge and enjoy.

I had a small talk with Constantin:

Can you describe the theme ‘distance’ in a few sentences in the way you use it for the magazine?

I discovered so many ways to express distance between people for this issue. All of them were related to the main two kinds of distances: moral and physical. I tried to begin the magazine with the moral distance part by featuring a text of a friend of mine about his distances and end it with the physical distance part in which I featured all kinds of love letters received after posting an invitation on Facebook. Between these two articles, you can discover bus stations, urban trams, photos from the 30s, a story about two youngsters that have a lovely relationship despite the distance, Alina from Japan and Michael from France, and they have met again after 6 months plus others’ distance-related stories.

Why did you started Love Issue?

The most important reason of creating Love Issue was to feature photo-projects and stories of people that I discovered on my real and virtual daily walks, as a general theme, from all around the world and with a pre-calling for projects on the social networks to discover interesting stories or to challenge people to put together photographic project related to the main theme. Also, I had to do something more than Oitzarisme, my website where I feature photo-related projects that I discover on the internet, so I decided to start this new compact project that gathers love and issues under the same roof. It’s one of my kid-dreams to have a magazine of my own.

Why did you choose the name Love Issue?

The word “issue” is an ambiguous one. It may refer to issue as a problem, a consequence, a conclusion, or an entry. The LOVE part came after we (Andreea ( and I) decided to start this project with articles about love. Then Andreea came with the idea to use this name for all of them, to create a brand and let the love stories flow.

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