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Love Issue now in print: What Do You Miss?

Love Issue now in print: What Do You Miss?


Our regular visitors know that I’m a fan of Oitzarisme, the blog from Constantin Nimigean about photography. And from his magazine Love Issue. It is about Love & Issues.
Recently he published the first Love Issue edition in print. The first six editions were online only.
And this first print edition is great again. Reading and watching a magazine is a completely different experience than online. Seclude yourself is something we no longer know that good.

You can order Love Issue #7 here.

This Issue contains ten beautiful, sometimes heartbreaking, photographic reports and series. From ten different photographers.
Like ‘Couple Clothing’ from Erik Nauman. The title covers it completely.
Snog is a serie by Rankin. Snog in a very literal way.

And what I like the most is ‘What do you miss’ from Ioana Cîrlig.
It is a collection of portraits and Polaroids from women in the Târgșor prison in Romania.
See some of them below.

Ioana Cîrlig: “I wanted to find out what they think about the stuff they can’t do while they’re inside. What they miss especially the litle things like taking a walk in the park or having a beer on a terrace.
I took a Polaroid of one of the the things they said they miss. I show the Polaroids next to the portrait.

All pictures © Ioana Cirlig

Aida, 54, is serving a 10-year sentence for murder. She miss watching TV, taking her grandchildren to the park, taking care of her family and taking walks in the city.



Iulia, 32, has been sentenced to 3 years and 9 months in Târgșor for involuntary manslaughter. She told Iaona that the thing she misses the most is being able to take a bath whenever she wants.



Iordana, 49, is serving an 8-year sentence for illegal abortion. She misses the fish soup they cook in the Danube Delta, working in het tailor shop and spending time outside, in nature, she misses her family and het home in Chilia Veche.



Tünde, 31, has one year left of her 3 year sentence for stealing. She misses going out in the park with her family, het boyfriend Paco, her children, living in Bilbao, taking long walks. She misses going to McDonald’s and to the zoo with Paco and het kids.



Laura, 42, is serving a 5-years, 3 month sentence for theft. She misses the beach, the mountains, going on vacation with her family and going out to eat in restaurants with them on Sundays.



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