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Magic in Italian politics

Magic in Italian politics

Welcome to Pidiello, a magician, a fortune-teller, he predicts your future in his television show. The phone rings and a women ask about her future because her husband can’t find a job because of the financial crisis. Pidiello says: “Pidiello sees and foresees” and the solution he foresee is in the cards he shows with the pictures of Tremonti (the Italian Minister of Economy and Finance) and Berlusconi (the Italian Prime Minister). Pidiello says that the two faces sees it all: there’s no crisis: “it’s as real as long the spotlight could fall on my head…”

At the end, Pidiello’s wife ask him to find a real job and the the ex-magician answered: “impossible because of the economic crisis”.

The tv-spot is from the Partito Democratico, the centre-left political party in Italy.

Thanks Viralmente for translating.

Partito Democratico
Additional credits:
Director: Pippo Mezzapesa
Production: Vertigo Imaging

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