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Make the world a McHappier place

Make the world a McHappier place

mcosocioGreat news, everyone! After many years of tirelessly blogging the not-for-profit advertising world, Osocio has finally gained a corporate sponsor! Please welcome our new partner, Guy Whitbred, from McDonald’s Worldwide!

“McDonald’s Corporation is proud to sponsor Osocio’s mission to show the best of not-for-profit marketing. We too believe in making the world a McHappier place!”

Don’t expect too many changes to the way things are done here, though! We’ll still be serving up fresh Grade A socially responsible campaigns from the not for profit world as well as from our partner’s extensive portfolio of McCSR projects like the children’s video “Jimmy visits the Happy McChicken Farm” the nutritional series “Beef is Cool, Bro!”, and a number of adorable testimonials from children in McDonald’s sponsored public schools in America.

On April 2, we will also launch our premium paid subscriber “Super-Size” service. Just $15 USD/month gets you access to all Osocio paywall content, as well as exclusive coupons for McDonald’s sandwich combos.

Onwards and upwards with McOsocio! Would you like fries with that?

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