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Making grizzly hunting unbearable

Making grizzly hunting unbearable

It may seem hard to believe, but bear hunting is still considered a respectable sport in Canada — at least in some quarters. However, as the western population of grizzly bears dwindles there is increasing public pressure to end the hunt permanently.

Thanks to the Vancouver Olympics most international readers are probably more familiar with the controversy surrounding the grizzly hunt in British Columbia, with a call for moratorium championed by David Suzuki. But Alberta, on the other side of the Rocky Mountains, has also been grappling with the issue.

For a couple of years now, the Alberta Wilderness Association has been campaigning to stop the Alberta grizzly hunt. I blogged about their ironic viral ads in Change Marketing last month, and now I’d like to show you their finely-executed print campaign:




The campaign, “No More Grizzlies”, manages both to mock the hunt and to remind people that the great bears are in real danger of being extirpated from the province’s habitats. The humour is pretty sophisticated, which tells me that these ads are intended to shore up support among potential champions who already disdain the hunt, rather than breaking through to the broader general public.

Nonetheless, conservationists in Alberta have managed to have the hunt suspended for another year. However, a permanent ban is still not a done deal. After all, trophy hunting for big bears brings in American tourist dollars.

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