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Mapping Violence Against Women In India

Mapping Violence Against Women In India


According to Maps 4 Aid India is the 4th most dangerous place in the world for women to live in. To visualize this terrible fact they started a Google maps Ushahidi platform based website.
Victims and witness are ask to report any abuse and violence against women.
And the figures are shocking. Even with the fact in mind that only a small group would use this report system.

The reports from today only, March 10:

  • Crimes against women on the rise in Mizoram.
  • Unable to bear torture over additional dowry, 30 yr old Dhanamma ends life.
  • Six persons arrested for killing Shreya Jagdap for Dowry in October 2011.
  • Man arrested for hitting pregnant wife in the abdomen demanding for more dowry.
  • Husband and in laws harass Kavitha for INR 20 Lakh Dowry. Case filed.
  • 6 year old raped and killed in Semgarah village of Uttar Pradesh.
  • Villagers threaten to parade gang rape victim naked if she does not leave the village.
  • Dowry Harassment: 25 year old Kajal Gajera commits suicide along with her one and half year old daughter.

Since its start in September 2011, more than 1300 reports have been documented, mapped, tracked and shared with the online community through social media and online campaigning. They started maps4aid after reading the TrustLaw Report of last year and was compelled to take some action and they came up with the idea of maps4aid to increase media level awareness of such incidents in the country.

I believe in this kind of new technology. It is easy to use and accessible.
And in time it gives the organization a good dossier to create awareness based on facts.

Find the map here.

Maps 4 Aid on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

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