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March for Change in Connecticut

March for Change in Connecticut


Connecticut Against Gun Violence is promoting an event called March for Change, to be held this Valentine’s Day (Feb. 14) at the State Capital of Hartford.

Here’s their PSA:

Newtown, Connecticut, was of course the location of a horrifying elementary school shooting massacre just before Christmas. The aftermath has been a loud and passionate debate about gun control in the United States. Connecticut Against Gun Violence, however, has been active since 1993.

Here’s what they are marching for (allcaps theirs):

Enactment of SAFER GUN LAWS in the State of CT. Plain and simple.  YES, there will be a specific bill to rally around, but the language is forthcoming.  We DO know that the bill will address a ban on HIGH CAPACITY AMMUNITION MAGAZINES; it will STRENGTHEN OUR ASSAULT WEAPONS BAN;  include UNIVERSAL BACKGROUND CHECKS on ALL sales and transfers. These are referred to as COMMON SENSE GUN LAWS.  This is a catch phrase you can use when asked “What are we marching for?”

March For Change
Connecticut Against Gun Violence
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