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Marie Curie illustrates the future of terminal illness

Marie Curie illustrates the future of terminal illness

The video animation below is the eye catcher of the new campaign from Marie Curie UK. Stephen Mangan narrates this animation, explaining why there is the need to change the conversation about terminal illness in the UK, as the health and social care system will face unprecedented demands over the next few years.

Marie Curie opted for a traditional visual form but with information of our time like easy to understand data. The organization proposes a number of tough questions about the future of terminal illness that they would like to discuss with the British people.

Dr Jane Collins, Chief Executive at Marie Curie:

Our society is changing. We’re getting older as a population – the post-war, baby boomer generation is starting to move beyond retirement age. In 25 years’ time, there will be an extra 100,000 people dying in the UK each year – the equivalent of one more person dying every five minutes.

Carers say seven out of 10 people with a terminal illness don’t get all the care and support they need.

Front-line clinicians say lack of coordination between teams delivering care, insufficient funding for services and time-poor staff are barriers to meeting the needs of people with a terminal illness, according to a survey commissioned by Marie Curie.


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