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Marks of violence transformed into billboards

Marks of violence transformed into billboards

Bullet holes, scattered on the walls of Favela do Muquiço, show that violence is always around the corner in this one of the most violent neighbourhoods in Rio de Janeiro. The area is ignored by the government and law enforcement officers. It is controlled by crime, which uses kids as labor force in drug trafficking.

Non-profit Bola Pra Frente Institute is working in the favela to keep kids away from drug trafficking through sports and education. For reaching the community non-orthodox methods are needed. For the latest project the non-profit worked together with Agência3. The did something special by transforming bullet holes with graffiti into billboards. The video above is the showcase.

Bola Pra Frente was created by the 1994 World Cup Soccer Winner Jorginho. And soccer, which is very popular in Brazil, is also the theme used for the graffiti:

The bullet holes became elements of a tactical scheme that were accompanied by the message: “Life changes inside the four lines.”

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