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Meet Robin of Shoreditch

Meet Robin of Shoreditch

Meet Robin of Shoreditch, an anonymous group of creative outlaws looking to take from the rich and give to the poor. In this particular instance, the people of Haiti.

How? Well, we’re not rescue workers. And we’d be no good on a celebrity single. But what we can do is provide creative ideas that can add value to businesses and brands. So we’re providing every one of Brand Z’s Top 100 brands with just such a creative idea. In return, all we’re asking for is 1/10,000,000 (that’s one ten-millionth) of the value of those brands as a fee. Not for us. 100% of that fee will be going to the continued relief efforts in Haiti


Each week Robin of Shoreditch will come with a new video targeting another brand like this one below for Umbro.
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Robin of Shoreditch

Founder of Osocio. It all started with collecting election posters in 1973. And that's never stopped. Read more.