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Meet the people from the famous Small Change, Big Difference viral

Meet the people from the famous Small Change, Big Difference viral

Small Change, Big Difference was one of the most discussed campaigns nine years ago. It was in the second year of Osocio and immediately the best visited blogpost at the time. It was one of the first social campaigns which went viral. To this day the campaign regularly pops up on websites and social media channels.

The campaign is about the relative value of luxury. A purchase price of a simple handbag in Europe is equal to the value of food for 6 weeks in stricken by hunger Kenya. That was a very clear call to solidarity from the Dutch charity Cordaid.

Judith Maat from Cordaid:

When we started the campaign in 2007, working with advertising agency Saatchi & Saatchi, we wanted to draw consumers’ attention to the fact that the money we spend so easily in our daily lives can make a huge difference to people living in disaster areas. Such a campaign would be an excellent way to draw attention to the basic needs of these people, we reasoned.
When the campaign was launched the photos received mixed reactions. There were plenty of compliments, but there was negative feedback too, which, I must admit, was a little hurtful. But perhaps these contrasting reactions also help to explain why the images are still shared so often by people and organizations that find them online. Their simplicity and powerful, confrontational value keeps triggering bloggers and organizations that want to raise awareness.

Now, almost nine years later, the charity went back to Kenya to meet the people which were portrayed. How is the situation now, how are they doing? Meet Paraput, Tirinti, Elisabeth and Letipila in these new videos from Cordaid.

More about the campaign and reunion on the charity website.

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