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Men Can Stop Rape: Where Do You Stand?

Men Can Stop Rape: Where Do You Stand?


Men Can Stop Rape launched this campaign called Where Do You Stand? last month. The worked together with the American Association of University Women (AAUW) to increase the number of men on campus who intervene to prevent dating violence and sexual assault.
The campaign is a direct result of the many recent incidents of rape, sexual assault and dating violence that have occurred on campuses.
62% of undergraduate students say they have encountered some type of sexual harassment according to recent studies.

Men Can Stop Rape is focusing now with this campaign on male bystanders who witness potentially violent situations.

Men Can Stop Rape Executive Director, Neil Irvin. “This campaign builds on young men’s ability, desire, and commitment to being strong without being violent. We look forward to using Where Do You Stand? to deepen existing relationships and build new partnerships with college campuses across the country.”

The campaign design isn’t very exiting and before reading the background information I hesitated if I liked it or not. But it is more than just three posters.

The choice of working together with the AAUW is strategic important. The association have 100,000 members nationwide (USA). Men Can Stop Rape is doing bystander intervention trainings and peer-education sessions.
Where Do You Stand? uses a variety of media materials including billboards, posters and t-shirts, displaying provocative visuals and messages.

I’ve said it before, campaigning for a cause is more than just a design.



Men Can Stop Rape

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