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Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

Two great Christmas greetings from agencies in our world of cause marketing.

The video above is from Acart Communications, the agency where Osocio blogger Tom is working. I guess he is too shy to promote is here 🙂 I do it because it’s a great video.
Paranoël Activity: it takes a different perspective on that supernatural old guy who breaks into your house once a year while you and your children are asleep.

Written and Directed by Christopher Redmond
Director of Photography: Karl Roeder
Starring: Tim Coderre , Jack Megginson and Bridget Redmond (with a special appearance by Christopher Redmond as Old St. Nick)
Creative Directors: John Staresinic, Tom Megginson & Vernon Lai
Starring: Tim Coderre, Jack Megginson, Bridget Redmond, Christopher Redmond

Agency DETUSCH&LUBA from Copenhagen Danmark made the work below.
It is about food as a huge concern for humanity.

Eat, drink and be merry.
Eating disorder is rapidly reaching epidemic levels across the globe. Today, eating disorders account for more deaths than any other type of mental illness. Getting treated early is vital. The longer an eating disorder lasts, the greater and less reversible the damage becomes.
It can be scary to seek help for an eating disorder but gaining support from a friend, family member or nutritionist is for many people the first step on the road to recovery.

See the overweight version below.

Creative Director: Simon de Tusch-Lec
Chief strategist: Louis Paldrup
Photographer: Piotr Stopka



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