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Message of Choice: Own Your C

Message of Choice: Own Your C

Five video’s part from a campaign for Own Your C (Own Your Choices).
Own Your C was originally created to encourage teens not to smoke. But, over time it has developed into an entire movement. Today, Own Your C encourages youth to make better decisions regarding everything, not just tobacco.

At, a choice-making community, users can discover how their choices affect others. The site ignites conversations around topics that are important to teens – like tobacco, health, self-image, culture, alcohol, relationships and school. It invites users to upload personal images and videos that demonstrate their choices.

The video above expands on the theme of SHARING as a man and woman stand face to face, taking articles of clothing, jewelry and body parts off of themselves and applying them to each other to make an entirely new, unexpected creation.

“It’s important to reach teenagers in a way that’s in synch with their vernacular. This generation makes films with cell phones, composes music with handheld video game systems and makes spontaneous blog posts on the run,” says Close, Lifelong Friendship Society (LFS) CD/Director. “In order to mimic this spirit of youthfulness, we placed heavy emphasis on spontaneity and creativity throughout every aspect of the effort.”

Center part of the campaign is the Own You C website.
More news at the blog from Cactus.

Below: The commercial Refreshing opens with a man selfishly gorging on a watermelon only to realize the fruit tastes best when SHARED. It drives viewers to


Wireless Theatre is a live action TV commercial that finds a man digging a hole and traveling underground to deliver a cable to his friend so they can CONNECT.


In this commercial the need to CONNECT is explored as a lone plug looking to make a connection sparks a chain reaction in other hooks, cables, wires and fasteners to connect with other like-minded objects.


The commercial Sun Moon, uses organic two-dimensional animation and natures ripple effect as a metaphor for how one action can INFLUENCE the environment immediately around us.

Own Your C
Additional credits:
Art Director: Chris Cox
Copywriter: Lee Perlman
Agency Producer: Danielle Bryan
Production/Post (Color Correct/Visual Effects): Lifelong Friendship Society
Director/Designer/Composer: Brian Close
Designer: Travis Spangler
Creative Director: Norm Shearer
Animator(s): Alex Miller, Mark Phillips, Tim Haldeen
Editor: Amilcar Gomes
Props/Costume: Pastor Alvarado
Music/ Sound Design: Ant Food (Sun Moon)
EP: Dan Sormani
Producer: Bridgette Spalding

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