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Michael revenges from his father

Michael revenges from his father


As published many times worlwide in the media, Michael Jackson did not leave anything to his dad in his will.
The Brazilian anti child abuse organisation CRAMI used the news in this print ad:
“Michael revenges from his father. Domestic violence, nobody condones it.”

This ad makes me angry. I wasn’t a fan of MJ but felt sorry for him being used by the music industry. And now, even after his death, his public image is misused by an ngo. Such behavior is an obvious thing to do by music retailers like Amazon but not for do-gooders even if it is about abuse. Scavenger!
And I’m feeling a little guilty myself blogging about it.

About CRAMI: “Since 1988, the CRAMI Foundation supports domestic violence victims for free. Along with psychologists and community helpers it helps children and teenagers to fight domestic violence and overcome their consequences, without ignoring the aggressor, that usually reproduces in his home the same behaviour that he once witnessed. We believe that those who suffer domestic violence don’t ever forget. But, with the right support and assistance, one can overcome and carry on in life.”

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