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Moms Against Climate Change #COP15

Moms Against Climate Change #COP15

In December, at the United Nations Climate Change Summit in Copenhagen, world leaders will come together to discuss this issue, and Canadians want results. zig joined with Environmental Defence, ForestEthics and hundreds of volunteers to produce this film, and the web site that goes with it, to inspire grassroots action from Canadian parents.

The effects of climate change are going to be very real within the lifetime of the current generation of children, and if our kids knew the facts, they would act. On the web site, people can upload their kids photos to be included in a projection that will appear on Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper¹s route to work leading up to the conference to remind him who he¹s representing in Copenhagen.

Environmental Defence Canada, ForestEthics
Additional credits:
Executive Creative Director: Martin Beauvais
Art Director: Briony Wilson
Copywriter: Lorraine Tao
Planner: Mark Aronson
Project Manager: Naomi Olsen
Agency Producer: Karen Blazer
Producer: Tara Handley
Executive Producer: Geoff Cornish, Michi Lepik-Stahl
Production House: Suneeva
Director: Shelley Lewis
Editing House: Relish Editing
Editor: Antti Kulmala
Photographer: Eden Robbins
Music Company: RMW Music

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