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Money can hide many things but not for Amnesty

Money can hide many things but not for Amnesty


This is not the best Amnesty International PSA ever made but at least it is an attempt to explain how they finance their research and campaigns. They are 100% independent and the work is entirely funded by members.
Not the best PSA because of its cruelty that deflects attention.

“Independence” (the title of the campaign) aims to promote Amnesty International’s stance of refusing government and multinational donations on the principle of zero indebtedness. The commercial is accompanied by print ads with the headline: “We will never let money hide reality from us.”

The print ads are much more message friendly.

Read about how TBWAParis made the ad here.



Amnesty International
Additional credits:
Creative Director: Eric Holden, Remi Noel
Art Director: Philippe Taroux
Copywriter: Benoit Leroux
Production: Henry De Czar, ELSE
Director: Joe Vanhoutteghem

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