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Montreal actress puts the glamour in lactivism

Montreal actress puts the glamour in lactivism


Mahée Paiement is a Quebec movie and television actress, model, personality, and perfume entrepreneur. She is also Montreal’s Ambassador of Breastfeeding.

“I breastfeed too,” reads the copy on the campaign microsite. “Breastfeeding is glamour.” (With wordplay emphasis on “amour”.)

The lush and frankly sexualized campaign is very Montreal. So hopefully it will work to inspire local change. In Quebec, regional breastfeeding rates are low compared to the rest of Canada. Only the Atlantic provinces fare lower.

The campaign site, featuring Ms. Paiement, focuses on facts and information to encourage women to breastfeed babies exclusively to six months of age, and continue supplemented breastfeeding until they’re two. Employed women in Quebec are entitled to up to 50 weeks of maternity leave at reduced pay.

There’s also a video. See it after the break.

There has been some controversy surrounding the campaign in Quebec, not for its show of skin but rather because some find the glossy glamorization of such a natural act unrealistic, even intimidating to the average mother.

Ironically, I was made aware of this campaign by an American Buzzfeed post that breathlessly exclaimed, “Quebec health released a controversial sexy breastfeeding ad worse than the Time Magazine cover!” It included a video making fun of the actress’ looks and breastly assets.

Now who’s oversexualizing things?

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