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Mooning cancer from the bus

Mooning cancer from the bus

Last year, the Colorectal Cancer Association of Canada managed to break through in a crowded cause marketplace with their “Get your butt seen” campaign. Continuing the idea of making people more predisposed to colorectal cancer screening by demystifying ass taboos, it allows you to send a digital bum scan “photocopy”  to a friend, along with important health facts.

This year, the campaign also extended its presence with a great bus ad, using window extensions to show a group of riders mooning cars and pedestrians outside.


It was awarded an Ads of The World Outdoor Gold for march 2011. Nice work, Ogilvy Montreal!

The Colorectal Cancer Association of Canada
Ogilvy Montréal
Additional credits:
Creative Director: Martin Gosselin
Art director: Bernardo Andrada
Copywriter: Luc Dupéré
Photographer: Alain Desjean
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